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David S. Wichmann


David Wichmann
President, UnitedHealth Group

Afternoon Headliner, March 30, 2017

Fundamental Changes Acting on Health Care Today

David S. Wichmann, President of UnitedHealth Group, will offer a perspective on the fundamental changes acting on health care today and the shifts they will drive over the next 4 – 6 years. Hear how care delivery innovation, emerging technology, and stakeholder expectations intersect with evolving health policy and the health care economy to create new opportunities for materially different quality and outcomes, and the risks to watch for. Dave will offer insight to the strategies UnitedHealth Group, a Fortune 6 company of 220,000 employees, is adopting to prepare its own people and programs for the future.


David Wichmann assumed the position of president, UnitedHealth Group, in November 2014. He has oversight responsibility for all of UnitedHealthcare's domestic and international businesses, and for overall UnitedHealth Group performance. Wichmann is a member of the Office of the Chief Executive and also served as chief financial officer of the enterprise from 2011 until mid-2016. He previously held positions as president, UnitedHealthcare; president and chief executive officer, Specialized Care Services (now OptumHealth); and senior vice president, Corporate Development. Prior to joining UnitedHealth Group in 1998, Wichmann was a partner with Arthur Andersen.

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